Hostgator Coupons: get your hosting almost free!

Hostgator is probably the world’s No. 1 hosting and the most popular foreign web hosting provider in Spain and Latin America.

And it is not for any reason, because in terms of value for money there are few companies able to discuss their reign.

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’ve been told about hosting and want to try it, but not paying 100% of the price, right?

Well, you’ve got it right: you’ll be able to try this web hosting for almost free with a Hostgator coupon exclusive to TodoHosting or save 25% for several years.


Are you in a hurry and want to redeem your Hostgator coupon now?

Don’t worry, if you’re one of those who prefers action over reading, I won’t make you dizzy much more and leave you the Hostgator coupons right here:

99.9% discount on the first month: if you want to try any hosting paying $0.01 during one month your coupon is TodoHostingWeb90.

25% discount for 1-3 years: if you want a long term discount and save up to 25% for 1-3 years, your coupon is TodoHostingWeb.


Which Hostgator coupon to choose?

This is the first question I receive every time I offer both discounts to all TodoHosting readers.

The answer, even if it’s not the one you expect, depends.

What do you want? Looking to test Hostgator for performance? You want to hire him for a long-term project? Or maybe you have an event that will last for a month and you only need the hosting in that time?


When to choose the 99% discount coupon?

If you are only going to use the hosting for one month, you want to try it without any kind of commitment or you are going to use it for testing for a very limited time.

The advantage is that the cost will be minimal ($0.01) and in return you will have cheap hosting with all the features you want during that month.

Some people only register with someone else’s details to try this coupon and then register with the lower discount when they are convinced.


When to choose the 25% discount coupon?

If you are very clear that you are going to use Hostgator, you have a long-term project (minimum one year) and you want to save a LOT more money.

This is the Hostgator coupon that I recommend most of the time. Why is that? I’ll do the math for you:

  • Hatchling hosting price for one year with 99% coupon: $107.40 (total price) – $8.94 (99% discount for the first month) = $98.46.
  • Hatchling hosting price for one year with 25% coupon: 107.40 (total price) – $26.85 (25% discount for the first year) = $80.55.


That is, between one coupon and another, the difference is $17.91!

As I have said, except for super specific cases, it is not worth wasting this discount. Also, imagine the numbers if you’re going to hire 2 or 3 years.

With the 99% discount you would only save $8.94 over 3 years, while with the 25% discount you would save up to $80.55.


How to order Hostgator with these coupons

No matter what plan you use (Hatchling, Baby or Business), the discount is redeemed in the same way:

Click on Sign up now!Select the plan you want to contract and click on this button to start the purchase.
Fill in your details: add all your personal data and your new hosting, hiring a domain if you consider it necessary.


Check out the additional services: by default Hostgator will include two additional services that you won’t need. If you don’t remember to remove them (you only have to remove the check), you could be charged up to $3 more per month.


Enter the Hostgator coupon: in the Enter a Coupon Code area include TodoHostingWeb90 or TodoHostingWeb and click on Validate.
Check everything and check out: once you’ve checked everything (remember the additional services!) click on Checkout Now! and your hosting will be hired.


What plan do you recommend hiring me?

Of the 3 options, you will most likely be satisfied with the Hatchling plan, the cheapest of all.

This plan can support almost 50 concurrent visits (at the same time) and, except for very specific problems, it is stable and suitable for any small-medium website.

However, I will explain the pros and cons of each of the 3 options (Hatchling, Baby and Business).



1. Hatchling Plan

It’s the initial plan, cheaper and with which you can only host one domain and web.

As I have mentioned before, except in very particular cases it is more than enough for all blogs and websites.

If you’re starting out, I recommend you choose this plan.

Prices using our coupon range from 5.03€ per month (contracting 6 months) to 2.78€ per month if you contract for 3 years.



2. Baby Plan

The only difference between the Hatchling plan and the Baby plan is that with the Baby plan you can host as many domains and websites as you want.

If you are going to include other websites on your server and you plan to mount more than one, choose this plan.

Prices using our coupon range from 5.60€ per month (contracting 6 months) to 4.47€ (contracting 3 years).



3. Business Plan

This plan is intended for companies and websites that sell products inside and need an SSL certificate to do so.

If you have a shop or sell products directly on your website (Prestashop, Shopify, Woocommerce,…) you must choose this option.

Prices range from 8.41€ per month (contracting for 6 months/1 year) to 7.28€ (contracting for 3 years).

Which Hostgator coupon are you going to choose?

With all this information you should be ready to choose between the different Hostgator coupons taking into account the one that best fits your blog, web or project.

99.9% discount you only pay $0.01 for the first month: your coupon is TodoHostingWeb90.
25% discount for 1-3 years: your coupon is TodoHostingWeb.
But, if you have any questions, just leave a comment and tell me what your problem is. I will be happy to help you decide or solve any problems during the hiring process.


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