Is better than WordPress. org?

Today we will analyze everything about Wix and WordPresss, two platforms that have enough strength on the net to decide according to our opinion which one we think is best (wix or wordpress)


All about Wix vs WordPress

While it’s true that WordPress. org is the best known to almost everyone on the Internet, that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. In fact, there is a platform called that, silently, is slowly gaining positions without anyone noticing.

Let’s be honest, almost all platforms have very good things, some of them less, because they obviously want everyone to register and use their services.

But within this term, it is necessary to recognize the quality of one or the other and today we will analyze these two platforms so that if you have doubts about it, they will be completely eliminated.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, how about we test them separately?


Wix Websites Prices

Wix prices vary from 4,50 euros per month to 20 €. It will depend on how long you contract it (monthly or annually) and what type of plan we choose (Connect domain, Combo, Unlimited or Ecommerce), depending on the plan we hire we will have more disk space, more or less monthly transfer, etc.

For example, the difference between your most basic plan, the Connect domain and your free plans is that it allows you to connect your own domain to your free account, but……. you would still see the Wix ads on your page. This makes this plan unattractive for an online business.



1) Hosting

Let’s see, I’ll be honest, you have the option of hosting 100% free and would be an advantage in monetary matters, you can also choose a paid hosting to host your website.

Although there are some aspects to keep in mind:

(1) It only supports paid hosting on its own servers (you can’t take your site to hostgator, Raiola Networks, Webempresa, etc…) what you can do is buy a domain and point to wix hosting.

(2) Wix servers offer disk storage of up to 20 GB.

(3) the seo position is more difficult (because it has flash).

2) HTML 5 technology

This is another story, HTML 5 is the latest technology of the present day, although it is true that at first you get a little confused about how to structure the template, but don’t worry, they have videos where they explain how to use this technology without any problem.

3) Spectacular templates

What I like most about Wix. com is undoubtedly the presence of the templates. The only thing is that I don’t know if they are as optimized as wordpress ones for SEO.

4)Plugin for SEO

This is good news, they have a specific plugin for seo positioning, in which we can put the keywords to position the title more.

5) You can place Andsense advertising

This applies only to those who have a premium account, i. e. who have paid for the domain.

This means that in Google’s eyes, this platform is well regarded and we can profit from it.

6) You can campaign with Google Adwords and Facebook ADS

This confirms the above example, if you subscribe to this platform, you get a bonus of 50 euros on both Google Awords and Facebook ADS if you have the premium account.

7) No need to know programming

This is because we don’t really have to make any modifications and we won’t need to make any kind of use of php or HTML codes, because with HTML 5 technology everything is already incorporated.

8) You can be visible with just one click

Once you have made all the settings to your liking of your page, at the top of the page will ask if you want to be visible, just give to accept it to happen.

9) Has a membership system

You have the option of earning money if you promote it if a person signs up for the premium account.

10) You can insert as many filters, characteristics as you want

This is as long as you have the premium account, otherwise the functions are limited, although in the free mode you can put some.


Disadvantages of Wix

If your account is free you will really be little visible, this is because you limit some features. You will also have wix ads (the only way to remove the wix ads is to switch to a premium plan.

They offer free domain (only the first year) then you will have to go through the box.
Without code insertion we can’t put it in Google Webmaster Tools and for me it’s a disadvantage.

In the case of Wix email accounts, it’s not quite right. You can use Google apps with them and have email service, but this will bring your plan up to 4 € more per month.

If you want to have the best version of wix you will have to subscribe to its premium features, in the end it can be more expensive than choosing wordpress.


WordPress Advantages

1) Free optimizable templates

WordPress. org has the possibility to have free and optimized templates.

2) Thousands of payment templates with incredible benefits

The payment templates are obviously better than the free ones and you can modify them at will.

3) It has an infinite number of plugins

WordPress. org is the king of plugins. It has so many, that it can be absolutely useful for everything you can imagine, from SPAM security to finding keywords.

For every functionality you need there is a plugin?

4) It is the best platform for optimization

Without a doubt, it is the best platform in optimization in my opinion. Precisely the pages created there are designed for that very purpose, so I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment.

5) You can make any page you want

This means that you can make a blog, an online store, a website or everything at the same time, it doesn’t matter, in wordpress. org everything is possible, it’s just a matter of spending time on the subject?


6) You can place Adsense advertising

You can make your blog profitable with this advertising system including other platforms, affiliate systems, etc.

7) You have access to Google Webmaster Tool

This is already an advantage over Wix. com. With this tool provided by Google, we no longer only optimise better, but we can also be informed of possible dangers on the network.


Disadvantages of WordPress. org

Everything is manual, every step you take has to be done by you, including code insertion.
It requires more involvement, creating a website is quite simple, but requires a little learning.


My opinion – Which platform would you choose WordPress or Wix?

WordPress. org

Best optimisation for SEO, countless plugins that allow us to add any functionality we need, ease of use, availability of thousands of free and paid templates.

Wix reviews

If we want to have something similar, we would have to switch to premium plans. For the same price we can have more features and functionality in wordpress. org.

If you’re serious about your project and want to be above average, I recommend WordPress. org, that’s what you need.